Parts Catalogue


Brake Kits and Expert Kits

All you need in one handy pack

Girling kits make it easy for you to quickly replace a drum brake. Each pack contains all the components you need to serve almost any vehicle. There are 167 Brake Kits (with separate brake shoes) and 228 Expert Kits (with preassembled shoes), giving you the best vehicle coverage in Europe.

Brake Kits

Using our Brake Kits is the best way to optimise performance and durability in today’s vehicle drum brakes. Each pack contains separate brake shoes and wheel cylinders, with every variant fully R90 compliant and the wheel cylinders equipped where necessary with integrated regulating valves.

Expert Brake Kits

Our Expert Kits are simply the easiest and quickest way to service a drum brake. There’s two sets of brake shoes, both pre-assembled and adjusted; two wheel cylinders; two automatic adjusters; retaining springs; shoe hold down pins; grease and fitting instructions. Because the expert kit is pre-assembled there is no risk delay as a result of incorrect parts or assembly errors, which can reduce your fitting time by 50%.

A perfect repair, every time

Every product in a Girling Brake kit is engineered in a world-class facility and rigorously tested in the real world to ensure it meets the required standards. With Girling kits you can order new brakes for a vast range of vehicles, knowing you’ll have all the parts you need to make a fast, effective repair.