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Girling discs perform. The first ever racing disc brake was created here, helping twelve F1 drivers to glory. Our winning designs have evolved into today’s high-quality discs, bringing yet greater safety and control to vehicles across Europe.

Safety in numbers

Our goal is to maximise safety by offering the highest braking performance for the widest range of vehicles. It’s in the numbers. Girling offers over 1,000 disc specifications, covering 96% of vehicles. And all Girling discs are engraved with part numbers and traceability codes to safety and legal requirements. As the numbers show, its simply one of the most complete and reliable disc ranges in Europe.

90 years of knowhow in each split-second stop

Expertise and innovation builds better brakes. We control thickness tolerances and balance every disc to minimise vibration. We use innovative disc protection paint on the outer friction ring to avoid corrosion. We’ve applied decades of expertise and innovation in every possible way to offer the highest braking comfort with perfect flow.

Built for strengthCoated for durabilityEquipped for life

Girling brakes are tested to the limit. We check the parallelism between friction ring and hub. With X-rays and metalloscopic tests, we eliminate the blowholes and impurities that cause cracks and deformities. Then we test them on the road to ensure ultimate safety and world-class performance. High speed-braking tests. Fatigue life-cycle tests. Track tests. The list goes on. Our discs meet every challenge, giving you brakes you can trust.