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A range available across Europe

1663 part numbers. 98% vehicle coverage. Girling makes it easy for you to fit a world-class brake pad by offering one of the most comprehensive ranges on the continent. All Girling pads conform to the European regulation ECE R90, which ensures the quality and performance of brake pads sold in Europe. And we keep our range constantly updated to offer you pads for almost any vehicle.

Heat-treated for high performance

Before every brake pad makes its first stop, its been through a simulation of that first brake application. The process scorches the pad to 600-700°C. That reduces the time it takes for the pad and disc to adapt to each other (or ‘bed-in’). And that, in turn, means you can fit a brake that offers high performance far earlier in its lifespan.

Shhh... We’re working

All our brake pads are fitted with high quality shims, which act as a damper between the friction material and the brake caliper. We then test extensively to ensure that they deliver enhanced performance and noise reduction, so you can fit a brake that quietly gets on with its work.

Built for strengthCoated for durabilityEquipped for life

Every element of a Girling brake pad is enhanced for best performance. The back plate – backed itself by the noise reduction shim – is made from high quality steel. It’s bonded to the friction material with a unique adhesive compound that can withstand extremely high temperatures and shear strengths. The friction material is powder coated to resist rust. And the scorched plate layer that follows is given an innovative surface coating that ensures optimised friction coefficient right from the first stop. Even so, a Girling pad is more than sum of its (exceptional) parts. It offers supreme stability. And it offers the safest braking performance – whatever the temperature, whatever the speed, whatever the conditions – throughout its lifetime.