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Master Cylinders

A master among cylinders

Our components are tested and proven in the toughest automotive applications. When it comes to the master cylinder, it’s strength, durability and sheer manufacturing quality that’s needed to efficiently convert the energy from the driver's foot into the hydraulic pressure that drives the braking system. We’ve mastered the manufacturing method to bring you robust cylinders that you can rely on.





Quality with coverage Right through to the finish

Our master cylinder range offers over 800 cast iron and aluminium cylinders. That’s 90% vehicle coverage. All rubber components used in the cylinders are manufactured to meet OE quality standards, while aluminium and steel pistons are anodised or treated to improve strength and ensure the highest level of durability. The cast cylinders are coated using the latest Chrome 6 free finish, which is in line with EU directive EU 2000/53/EG.